TurboWallet makes Payroll easy and fast!

Employees receive their pay instantly!

After you have created a business profile, you can setup payroll.

How to add employees for payroll

From your business dashboard:

Click Employees

Click the plus symbol in the bottom right

Enter the employees email that they used to sign up for TurboWallet (must already have an account)

Choose the employee type

Click submit

Once you have employees you can then click Payroll and start paying them. It only takes seconds to pay your employees.

How to run payroll

From your business dashboard:

Click Payroll

You'll see a list of your employees

Enter the amount you'd like to pay an employee beside their name

Click Pay to send the payment

Your employees will receive their payments instantly!

Automated payroll

You can setup automated payroll to pay employees on a schedule. If you pay your employees twice a month, you can schedule that within TurboWallet and your employees will get paid on time, directly into their wallet.

This feature is in beta, if you are interested, please contact us (click Chat or Email below).

Payroll integration

Using the TurboWallet API, you can integrate payroll into your existing payroll system. Using TurboWallet to make the actual payments to employees means you can pay employees instantly and with less fees.