Business Accounts

TurboWallet can increase revenue and reduce expenses by lowering transaction costs, lowering implementation costs and providing better service for your customers. Many of the business features in TurboWallet are completely free, so you can accept payments from your customers, pay bills, run payroll and more with no fees! Try it today.

Business accounts separate accounts for your business. It keeps all the transactions separate and allows you accept money as the business, run payroll and many other things.

How to create a business profile

It's easy! You don't need to create a whole new login for a business account, you can do this from your personal account.

Click the thumbnail picture in the top right

Click New Business

Enter the name of your business and other details in the form then submit

That's it! You'll have a totally separate business account.

How do I receive payments as a business?

Receiving payments is the same as receiving payments in your personal account, except you'll need to switch to your business account. You'll see what account you're using by looking at the thumbnail in the top right.

Switch to your business account by clicking the picture in the top right of the app

Click the account you'd like to switch to

Once you've selected the profile, click "Receive", fill in the amount owing then Submit. A QR code will show up which you can show to your customer. The customer then clicks "Pay" in their TurboWallet, scans the QR code and submits. In a couple of seconds you'll see a confirmation that the money has been received. That's it!

How do I add money to my TurboWallet business account?

You can add money in several ways, see Deposits for more information.