Below you'll find all of the TurboWallet commands:

/start - talk to TurboWallet in a private direct message and type this to create your account and get started.

/deposit TOKEN - get your wallets address so you can add coins/tokens to your TurboWallet,

/send X TOKEN to @USERNAME - this is the main command you'll use to transfer coins/tokens around.

/send X TOKEN to 0xABCABC - this will send to any address on the blockchain, the address does not have to be a user of the messenger.

/send $X in TOKEN to @USERNAME - this will calculate an amount of TOKEN equal to the current market price of the token.

/tip X TOKEN - can only be used when replying to someone else's message.

/balance TOKEN - check your current balance.

/withdraw - gives you information on how to send money to another wallet address. You can send tokens to address instead of a username, but typing /send X TOKEN to 0xABCABC.

/create link X TOKEN - this will generate a one-time use link that you can send to anyone through any medium (email, SMS, any messenger, etc). Once clicked, the user can accept the tokens attached to the link.

/create redenvelope - see Red Envelopes

/donate X TOKEN - donate to your friendly neighborhood TurboWallet

/price TOKEN - get the current price, price changes and rank of a token

For Crypto Collectible commands, see this page.